Home Remedy For Prostate Disorders – Self Care Tips To Cure Enlarged Prostate 4

Self-care steps are often enough to make you feel better.
• Holy basil leaves serve as an effective enlarged prostrate natural remedy. Crush some holy basil leaves and mix the juice extract with yogurt. Consume this mixture once everyday. This is particularly useful when the weather is hot. In cold conditions holy basil juice coupled with honey is an excellent alternative.

• Another effective enlarged prostate remedy is to sit in a warm water tub for half an hour. The heat helps to reduce the swelling, easing the pain.
• Palmetto is also extremely useful as an enlarged prostrate remedy. It aids in dealing with problems such as urination at night, swelling and inflammation and pain.
• Yoga and meditation help to relax and maintain a correct position while sitting.
• It is also important that you increase your intake of water. This will aid the treatment and hasten your recovery.

Enlarged Prostate + Prostate Enlargement+ Prostate Cancer treatment in Hindi – Dr R K Aggarwal

In this Series of “Swastha Sukhi Sansaar” Dr. R K Aggarwal will share views on different diseases and how we can cure them by herbal and homeopathic medicines.

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In this video you watch and learn about reason for increase in Prostate Glad (Urinary Tract Infection). It will also feature a segment where Dr. R K Aggarwal will try to understand you for strange symptom and Wonderful treatment (अजब लक्षण अद्भुत इलाज़).

Here Dr. R K Aggarwal will tell us that you should always maintain your health. You should not fight against diseases instead if you will maintain your health. You can yourself adequate your body to fight and win against any diseases in this world. By which nature brings happiness, healthiness & moksha (freedom) in your life.

Dr. R K Aggarwal is trying to understand people that there is no need to go for operational treatment it does not help and how people are forced to have operational treatment. We should clean our body and all the problems will be solved such as hepatitis A, B, C, D and even AIDS.

In segment “strange symptom and Wonderful treatment” you will watch some actions we perform and problems that can occur by them.

For Example:
• Canine Hunger with Sluggish Lever – gnawing, hungry, faint feeling at the epigastrium.
• Great Appetite – Craving for meat, pickles, radishes, turnips, artichokes, coarse food.
• Tendency to eat far beyond capacity of digestion.
• Burning and distention of stomach & abdomen with palpitation.
• Flatulence disturbs the heart’s action.
• Pain in Right shoulder blade
• Constipation, with burning in rectum

90% of the times Heart Attack is actually result of constipation. When our heart did not get space to pulsate it’s the stage which causes restlessness.

It all be discussed briefly watch the video for further information about the reason for increase in Prostate Glad also other problems in stomach, liver, Kidney, intestine, thyroid.

SSOHM wants people to attain perfect health by cleansing your body through Bowel Cleanse.

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