10 Human Foods You Can Safely Give Your Dog

Before we start, remember it’s always best not to feed your dog human food unless your veterinarian advises you otherwise. But if you are having trouble saying “no” to those adorable little faces, then there is a list of the are healthier things you can feed your dog.
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    Liver is chock full of vitamins like iron and vitamin A. Just be sure not to give them too much because too much vitamin A can be harmful to them. Eight ounces or less for a medium dog and a half ounce for small dogs is just fine.

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    Coconut Oil

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    Adding unsweetened coconut flakes to your dog’s food or a scoop of coconut oil can benefit their skin, fur and provide them with an extra boost of protein

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    Lean Meat

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    Lean meats are packed with protein that provides your dog with energy and they also contain vitamin B and amino acids that help boost energy and their metabolism. Just make sure that you are giving your dog meat that doesn’t have any visible fat on it and stay away from ground meat which is higher in fat. Also, raw chicken bones are OK for dogs while cooked ones can splinter and cause your dog to choke.

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    Salmon and Tuna

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    These fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids that promote a shiny fur coat, improve brain function, and boost immunity.

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    Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

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    If your pup needs a boost of calcium putting some unsweetened yogurt that doesn’t contain fruit in their food is always a good way to go. The calcium helps support their teeth and bones.

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    Seaweed helps to provide your dog with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E and chlorophyll which helps to boost your pup’s metabolism.

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    Carrots help keep your dog’s teeth healthy by scraping away plaque when they chomp down on it. It also has lots of vitamins.

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    This whole grain helps with digestive issues in older dogs and is an alternative for dogs who have wheat allergies

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    Dog your dog have bad breath? Chop up some parsley and add it to your dog’s food. Not only will it freshen their breath but it will also deliver some potassium and calcium to their system.

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    Putting a handful of peas in your dog’s food to your dog’s meal will pump it up with phosphorous, as well as vitamin B.

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