Saw Palmetto Side Effects – The Good, The Bad and The…

Click on the link above for a free guide to buying and choosing supplements for better health.

This video goes over how sa palmetto is helpful to people, the side effects and ideas on how to get get it.

Saw Palmetto Side Effects - The Good, The Bad and The...

Click on the link above for a free guide to buying and choosing supplements for better health.

This video goes over how sa palmetto is helpful to people, the side effects and ideas on how to get get it.

37 thoughts on “Saw Palmetto Side Effects – The Good, The Bad and The…

  1. You said saw palmetto can normalize testosterone levels. I thought it could
    decrease them?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Rose.

      Some sources say it increases some say it decreases. I’m going to go with
      it can do both.

    2. +Rose Wu testosterone can be called anabolic as well and androgenic. dht is
      more androgenic. this doesnt mean it can make free test higher. it just
      means it stops that test from being converted into dht

    3. From what I know, its adaptogenic, and balance hormones to healthy and
      optimal levels.

  2. BPH has no correlation with prostate cancer. They affect completely
    different lobes and they have different symptoms. What’s your background in

  3. in my opinion the statements you are making have no evidence to back
    up.your statements I believe your statements are not critically backed not
    enough data. Btw why would anyone use an herb that effects their hormones &
    or testosterone levels? either raise or lower? one could have a hidden
    prostate cancer ,& not know it, because it can’t be detected by their the
    PSA or DRE or Blood test,but thinking oh this Herb will help shrink their
    gland ,& end up taking this crap ,& end up speeding up their prostate
    cancer. One factor why someone’s testosterone is effected is because of the
    cancer itself. As a treatment to slow down prostate cancer the client is
    given estrogen as a treatment. prostate cancer feeds off the testosterone &
    btw when we speak of Testosterone what are we talking about? Free or Total?
    Testosterone starts in the brain ,not in the testicles.Testosterone is
    regulated by the brain ;there’s a little gland in there that calls the
    Hmm some of us in here such as myself commenting knows what I am talking
    btw herbs in general are unregulated we never really know what we get &
    from where. at least with Big Pharmacy there’s regulation

    Saw Palmetto Side Effects
    Mild Side Effects
    Saw palmetto is thought to be safe for the vast majority of people. If any
    side effects are present they tend to be quite mild. These negative effects
    could be decreased by having saw palmetto with meals.
    Gastrointestinal Effects
    The most typical side effects experienced by saw palmetto customers are
    gastrointestinal, in accordance with the America National Institutes of
    Health. These results include nausea, belly pain, bad breath, constipation,
    and diarrhea. A small amount of folks have noted ulcers occurring after saw
    palmetto use. You can help avoid these outcomes by using saw palmetto with
    meals, as stated above. Persons with preexisting gastrointestinal disorders
    might be unable to to safely use saw palmetto.
    An Increase in Bleeding
    Due to the potential danger, anyone taking bloodthinning medicines and
    people who have bleeding disorders shouldn’t take saw palmetto. Those that
    are using saw palmetto should mention it to their surgeon before undergoing
    Hormonal Effects
    Some men using saw palmetto have reported changes in libido, erectile
    dysfunction, testicular soreness, and breast tenderness or enlargement. The
    NIH proposes using saw palmetto with caution should you take drugs which
    affect hormones. These types of drugs are things like finasteride
    (Propecia) or flutamide (Eulexin).
    Allergic Response
    Just like any herb, saw palmetto might cause an allergic response in
    certain individuals. An allergy to saw palmetto requires immediate medical
    Other Possible Effects
    Those making use of saw palmetto have noted several other unwanted effects,
    however the NIH notes it’s not clear if the result was a result of the herb
    or different. They include things like headache, dizziness, depression,
    sleeplessness and muscle soreness. More severe documented effects include
    breathing trouble, jaundice, liver destruction, hypertension, chest pain,
    arrhythmia and cardiovascular disease. Persons with health conditions
    including the liver, heart or lungs ought to be careful about using saw

    Arrhythmia in the worse case as a side effect are dangerous; one could die
    from this. it’s called sudden death.

    1. I am very Leary of people who call themselves by religious titles, but
      thanks for your input which gave me caution about a herb that so many speak
      irresponsibly about, too many speak as if they know more than they probably

  4. saw palmetto is dangerous in high doses at least 1000mg it ruined my body
    after I stopped taking it..but while ON IT I litteraly became superman and
    a sex god!

    1. +Strongbeer well im 27 Virgin going bald and will commit suicide because of
      it have fun with your girlfriend though

    2. +DeathAwaitsYou bro, just exercise and eat right, its that simple, you do
      that and eventually you will notice women will start to warm up to you when
      you are radiating health. ALso, cut the porn out.

    3. Please get help if your really feel that way! We all want to look our best,
      but remember that what’s on the inside counts more than the outside. You
      might find these scriptures comforting/encouraging: Job 33:25 and
      Revelation 21:3,4. I hope you the best and thanks for the supplement info!

    4. Stop putting this junk into your body, people, and just eat right. There
      are no magic pills or potions.

  5. im a 35 year old woman had hair like nicole sherzinnger for most of my life
    hit 35 and now thinning on the crown am about to buy the HLCC dht blocker
    but am worried about the side effects when you come off

  6. Saw Palmetto stopped my hair loss within a week. pretty wild!
    Was not expecting to notice anything really, then my crazy shedding hair
    I’ve been on it for 2 mths, and still the shedding has stopped completely.
    I was losing so much hair every day for a yr and a half, so I DEFINITELY
    noticed it working. =)

    1. +L.P Moonstone Maybe you are exaggerating but I have used Saw palmetto for
      many years and still have all my hair. My four brothers who have not used
      it have lost most of their hair. So maybe I am a living proof that it
      works for keeping your hair

  7. Thanks for your thoughts. I just started taking saw palmetto yesterday
    under the recommendation of my nurse at the doctor’s office. I’ve been
    experiencing some issues in the prostate. Thanks for your video, I found it
    very informative.

  8. Im a 17 year old male ( this is my mom´s account if you are curious about
    the name ) and my dad is almost bald and my brother ( 20 years ) is already
    losing hair so I want to take this supplement and just wanted to ask if
    it´s safe to consume for minors

    1. I think you are too young for that. The fact your dad is bald or your
      brother is losing hair doesn’t mean you will too. And vice versa. Look at
      the late George Best and his son Callum Best. My garndad and older uncle
      have solid curly hairs but younger uncle is bald at 33.

  9. I think you mean well….but add a big disclaimer since you are a novice in
    this really.

  10. How many milligrams per day are recommended Saw Palmetto capsules.? I
    suffer from BPH am 65 years old

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