17 thoughts on “Saw Palmetto Extract Update

  1. You are very beuatiful. It is a level of your life and you must go through
    it. I have acne. But it is mild one but some times i would say once in two
    weeks i have this giant cyst which keeps me home and not go to college. Iam
    a man by the way and iam 22. Love your face. Kissings

  2. PCOS causes hormonal acne. Sugar spikes can spike insulin. High insulin can
    increase testosterone. Low sex hormone binding globlin means more free
    unbound T. Free T may cause oily, cystic skin, inflammation can lead to
    scarring. BCP, doxycycline, spironolactone, metformin, vitamin D, green
    tea, natural herbs, low glycemic index diet with high fiber, exercise, good
    sleep. Gentle skin care. Avoiding excess caffiene, simple carbs, and dairy.
    Dermatologist and endocrinologist. Find your combination

  3. I am suggesting that you immediately go to acne.org and to restart your
    spirolactone (your derm should adjust the dose because what you were on may
    not have been enough). If you do this I 100% believe you will be acne free.

  4. Hey I’m really interested to know your progress with Saw Palmetto! Please
    give us an update on how you go! I think the benefits of Saw Palmetto and
    other hormone related herbs are really starting to show itself, we are
    becoming more aware of what these can do for us in order to not turn to
    birth controls and other drugs.
    Hope you are doing well!

  5. hey im also interested in knowing how your doing. Has the saw palmetto
    helped you. Hope to hear from you cus I’ d like to know if your still
    taking saw palmetto

  6. This clip is three years old. Please tell your subscribers how you are
    doing right now.

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