Prostate Cancer – Before and After Surgery

Prostate Cancer – Before and After Surgery

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Prostate Cancer - Before and After Surgery

Prostate Cancer - Before and After Surgery

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10 thoughts on “Prostate Cancer – Before and After Surgery

  1. This is MALE only surgery , I post because I know of so many men who have suggested to me that they would feel far more respected, relaxed and comfortable  talking to the Same Gender nurse about these extremely sexually invasive operations and post care after all it’s HIS body His choice, his penis his prostate two things she lacks, why can’t he have the CHOICE to be informed & helped by a male nurse?  She just seems so up herself with her own self importance &  with zero empathy.

    1. I agree too….. the last thing I would want is to sit there and reveal all of my personal issues to a woman. Men DESERVE to have the choice of speaking with a MALE NURSE. I don’t get why this doctor would subject his patients to added stress of enduring a session like this before  very evasive surgery that is most likely going to save his life but ruin him sexually for the rest of his life. COLD !

    2. Good Morning Jim:
      Back in 1999 the Institute of Medicine issued a report called “To Err is Human”. This report highlighted mistakes made by the healthcare industry which resulted in physical harm coming to patients.

      After this landmark paper came out, the healthcare industry put whatever time and resources were needed and made patient safety their number one priority where it still stands even today.

      Patient safety, isn’t a bad thing. It should always be a priority.

      But by focusing solely on patient safety all this time, they have completely ignored the psychological and emotional harm they are deliberately doing to their patients dignity all because they simply refuse to respect their patients as human beings first and foremost.

      This situation is no more evident than where male patients are concerned. I’m not saying women don’t still have issues because they do.

      But men are still treated by the medical community like we were still in the dark ages.
      Take for instance, a doctor orders his male patient to get a scrotal ultrasound. A very male related intimate test which his patient has never done before nor knows anything about how it’s done.

      99% of the time, this test is done by a young woman and she has another young woman tagging along with her as her chaperone!

      Some guys would say great, I can show off what I have. To them I say that’s your choice.

      But at the same time there are many men who because the
      healthcare industry doesn’t look at men as human beings first will come out of this test psychologically and emotionally damaged.
      Same thing with the prostate.

      Doctor says you need a cystoscopy.
      This can be done in the doctor’s office or at a medical facility.

      The first wave of apprehension and humiliation comes after you take your trousers and underwear off are in the johnny gown and brought into the treatment room by a female nurse
      In the treatment room comes the second and bigger wave of
      apprehension and humiliation when for the first time in most men’s life, they come face to face with what amounts to a gynecological bed, complete with stirrups for the gentleman’s legs.
      Now. If the medical community doesn’t think at this point that when a man seeing this bed then having his mind wondering as to what’s going to happen to him isn’t going to destroy him psychologically and emotionally, you don’t belong in the business.

      Now to add fuel to this seemingly never ending fire this female nurse silently goes about her business and straps the man into the stirrups.

      Next she will be the one to lift your gown up whereby exposing your private parts so that she can prep you for the doctor.

      This means having a woman shave you. Then the ultimate humiliation, your female nurse grabs hold of your tool so she can shoot a shot of numbing agent down into your tool.
      ALL this UNNECESSARY humiliation, psychological and emotional destruction of this gentleman and other like him happens to male patients every day simply because the medical community as a whole isn’t thinking about this patient as a human being first.

      NO respect from the medical community equals no medical professional will be doing anything to protect the patient’s dignity.

      These are the issues that MUST be changed for both men AND women.

      The system has lost its way and it’s up to the public to
      show them that the public DESERVES better and DEMANDS CPR for both men and women. 

      Choice, Privacy, Respect.

       CPR three letters the healthcare community knows very well.

      So if the public wants CPR from the healthcare industry it up to you.

      YOU MUST become the voice of change.
      If you want change, YOU HAVE TO SPEAK UP LOUD AND CLEAR. YOU
      the public are the ONLY ONE who can hold the healthcare industry accountable for their actions.
      To the PEOPLE in the medical community, some of which I call friends.
      REMEMBER the words, “DO NO HARM”.
      Please STOP and THINK for just a minute all the irreparable psychological and emotional HARM YOU and YOU alone are doing to patients that come to you looking for compassion and help all because YOU WON’T think of your patient FIRST and FOREMOST as being a human being FIRST JUST LIKE YOU then as a patient.
      Hire whatever staff is necessary to start treating PEOPLE like PEOPLE again. Bring the CARING back into the healthcare industry where it is needed the most.


    3. I agree. Female patients always ask for female nurses when they want their privacy. Male patients never seem to get the sensitivity from the female nurses who seldom have regard for the male patient’s dignity. Speak up guys otherwise suffer the indignity.

    4. +Professor Saputello​ NO man should have to speak to a female in regards to this matter. He should have been seen by male ftom start to finish. This is why many men die. Because they wont soeak up, and they wont talk to a woman…..(and…. they shouldnt have to ASK for a man…it should be automatic..) by then … its too late.

    5. If men REALLY want change. If they want protections put in place that will take female nurses out of procedures they have no business being in and respect their dignity and modesty, then they will have to find their voice just like the women did an SPEAK UP.

      Through the years, our society and the medical community has
      viewed women as being meek and mild mannered. Someone who should be sheltered and cared for with kid gloves.
      At the same time society and the healthcare community have
      viewed men as strong, heartless, emotionless warriors. Guys are expected to put up, shut up, and take anything the medical community throws their way.

      It’s time to send both these views down the toilet.
      For a very very long time now, the medical community has been stealing men’s privacy and dignity away from them.
      The reason why this is happening, is because they are using society’s views as to how a man should act against them when they go for healthcare services. Put up shut up and take whatever we want to do.
      They shame the man & make him feel inadequate. Like he shouldn’t say anything, just do as he told.

      Let the medical community put him into a pair of stirrups in front of two or three female nurses then make him think he’s talking to them in the procedure room while the doctor is putting a flexible tube down into his urethra.

      All the while rather than locking their eyes with the patient which is the proper thing to do, they’re all staring down at what the doc is doing to his privates and having a chuckle as to how they shamed him into going thru with it rather than giving him the respect he deserves & offering him male nurses or a chance to cancel the procedure.
      They’ve done their job now of psychologically and emotionally demeaning this guy.

      This was just at a urologist office where staff is really limited. Can you imagine what he would have had to endure if this was done in a hospital setting?
      Most gentlemen HAVE NO CLUE as to what they will be put thru if they have a male related urological issue. They do tell us because they’d rather ambush us AFTER they’ve stripped us of our dignity & have us in one of those cute little worthless gowns of theirs.
      If this is the kind of scenario you want to go thru, just go about your daily life as if nothing is wrong with the system and you’ll get your wish.
      IF however you want change, YOU have to let go of the archaic views from the past as to how a guy should act AND find your voice.
      YOU have to ask BEFORE anything else. Do you have MALE nurses on staff to support your male patients thru intimate procedures and tests?
      If not, then you have to make a choice. Go thru a VERY psychologically and emotionally demeaning test or procedure, or JUST SAY NO THANK YOU. I’ll find another doctor or hospital that better supports their male patients.
      IF enough men FIND their voice & start SPEAKING UP, the medical community WILL HAVE NO CHOICE but to LISTEN UP and put protections in place and take female nurses out of procedures they have no business being a part of.
      They’re trading dollars for men’s lives.
      Do you want to be one of those lives they trade so easily?


  2. OffRack I had my surgery 2-19-2015 ! I did not care who I talked to, as long as they got it out. A woman took my Cather out and I was fine with it! She was just Informing people how it is done!

  3. some scary stuff it may save a man’s but at what cause with a ruin sex life and wearing adult diapers for the rest of your life she’s doesn’t care about your heath or your life. not being rude that’s my opinion.

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