Post Finasteride / Saw Palmetto Syndrome PFS | Irreversible Side Effects of Propecia & Proscar

PFS post finasteride syndrome, side effects of propecia, finasteride and proscar for hair loss and hair growth

Post Finasteride / Saw Palmetto Syndrome PFS | Irreversible Side Effects of Propecia & Proscar

PFS post finasteride syndrome, side effects of propecia, finasteride and proscar for hair loss and hair growth

39 thoughts on “Post Finasteride / Saw Palmetto Syndrome PFS | Irreversible Side Effects of Propecia & Proscar

    1. dude it seems that a class action lawsuit is in the works also i have been
      taking it from the day it was on the market 18yrs or so ALSO maybe the men
      after taking herbal stuff is a the cause of their problems===did you think
      of that ??

    2. +joe joe I wish you luck. This is a bridge to nowhere. There are guys that
      crash after just a few doses some take years. Once you “join the club”
      there is no way back. Its pretty amazing. Maybe you should switch to Dut
      and speed up the process for yourself.

  1. Please send an email requesting awareness be brought to this problem by
    sending a simple contact message using the government form below:

    Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center
    P.O. Box 8126
    Gaithersburg, MD 20898-8126
    Toll-free: (888) 205-2311
    TTY: (888) 205-3223
    International Telephone Access Number: (301) 251-4925
    Email Form:

    1. I received a reply from GARD info., it says they are in the process of
      reviewing “post finasteride syndrome.” They are planning on adding a page
      with relevant resources for people, support groups, etc. At least I heard
      back anyway.

    2. +BTaylor3444 Thats great! I never heard back myself so that’s good
      sometimes you gotta shotgun it 🙂 at least one of us got them to do
      something though I think the real answer is to find a private gene therapy
      specialist who’s not afraid to do experimental things for large sums of

  2. Perhaps gene therapy is the way to go because the gene creates the enzyme
    and many consider that replacing or fixing/activating a gene could side
    step traditional treatments (treating symptoms) entirely they know where the gene is what
    chromosome, seems to me we would just need a stimulus to activate the gene
    again or reverse the gene mutation

    1. I’ve read many of these pages you’ve posted actually haha, a while ago, but
      need a refresher. What you said makes sense, I really have no idea on the
      science behind it, but it only sounds logical.

    1. Also I believe you can set up a phone appointment with Alan Jacobs, do not
      have to go there physically.

    2. by the way it is strange how the people at Merk who are directly
      responsible this poison sleep at night knowing it is destroying many
      peoples livelihood. Some on from this group is probably enjoying a nice
      stake at a fine restaurant as we speak. I hope they choke on it and never
      able to revive
      I hope this wonderful curse find them alive and well – signed Jaste

    3. +Jaste Aja Also they’re not only enjoying a nice steak at the moment,
      they’re likely giving a powerpoint presentation at the steakhouse to lots
      of suggestible “doctors” and medical staff regarding the “usefulness” of
      finasteride, buying them prime steaks and high dollar wine, just so they
      can propagandize them to choose their concoction as the “solution” or
      “treatment” to normal, natural occurrences.

  3. So you took 1 Pill and now you’re an expert, you’re an idiot. Not to
    mention you’re a fucking dumbass… you just admitted to taking a large
    number of drugs. you’re lucky you’re not dead.

    A bit of advice… don’t bother trying any kinds of meds because you’ve
    already fucked your body up with all the other drugs yet you expect things
    to workout perfectly for you.

    1. Ive been on this stuff for a month haven’t felt a thubng, other than
      noticing my jizz is a little watery

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  5. I’ve been taking Prosper for 21 years and have never had and such side
    effects. Are you certain that it was the pill that made you feel weird??

    1. Ive been taking it for a month now, feel exactly the same, but this guy is
      scaring me

  6. Doesn’t 1 proscar pill=5mg finasteride? if that’s what he took that’s
    probably just a case of taking too high a dose.

  7. Ahhh, your lucky man… You have a good head shape and can pull off the
    white guy bald look well.. I’ve got one of those weird oval shaped heads,
    and get weird looks, or made fun of by people occasionally because of it
    when I shave or buzz the balding hair

    1. Yeah, it’s a real joy to go around with a nice shaved head and have every
      Mexican and illegal stare at you because you exude manliness and it makes
      them act like fearful angry animals. Lots of joy there being harassed daily
      but never fully confronted for a big fight, which would almost be better
      than all the posturing.

  8. being already a dysautonomia patient I gave up on buying saw palmetto after
    these videos and information on internet. thanks to the patients.. cannot
    handle more neuroimmunologic mystery illnesses which doctors know nothing
    about them thoroughly, and budgets are spending to useless stuff like space
    research and more other useless bullshit rather than on health issues. we
    are living in a real true hell. whatever…

    1. no but would not be surprised at all, dutasteride/finasteride is used to
      treat prostate issues, but can also be responsible for an acutely terrible
      type of cancer itself.

  9. +TrueGritProductions HOw are you feeling now…have you recovered…im in
    the same track u went..just took one 1mg pill but was late to know that it
    was disaster…How lon g will its effect be..will i…Thank

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