22 thoughts on “One Month Saw Palmetto Side Effects

  1. just dont stop taking it..if you do…you might have a big
    hormonal/endocrine system crash..happaned to me when I took saw palemtto…

    1. +Daniel that’s interesting I actually use burdock oil it’s a Russian
      product that’s imported . it’s got red pepper essential oils , sage and tea
      tree oil .

    2. +Serj Star ya they also sell pure burdock oil with added ingredients..but
      the serum is what made my hair stop falling tbh..im certain of that

    3. +Serj Star well this sux I managed to pull out 42 hairs after massaging in
      the garlic juice and then massaging in the olive oil..managed to get out 42
      hairs…Before it was only 10-15 max hairs for 8 Days straight…I dont
      have the rosmary essential oil atm maybe thats why..or because I skipped a
      day on this treatment.. or because it was the SERUM that made me stop
      shedding..I need to experiment and see

  2. It takes 8-9 months to grow your hair back when you take these DTH
    blockers. The only thing is there shouldn’t be any erection problems.

  3. I am taking Saw Palmetto from the last 3 years and I do not have any side
    effects.I think it is relatively better.

  4. Silica is needed for your hair growth. Most people are very low in silica.

    For your hair loss, take “food grade diatomaceous earth or DE for short” it
    is very inexpensive. Mix a spoonful in a little water and drink it down
    twice a day. Buy it off the web or if you find a farmer feed store, they
    usually sell it there in large bags for next to nothing. Anyplace where you
    can buy bags of feed for chickens, rabbits, is a store you need to check
    out locally for Food Grade DE. Farmers give it to animals, chickens,
    livestock etc. and mix it in with grains to kill any bugs. Don’t worry, DE
    kills insects by dehydrating them. DE sucks the water out of bugs and that
    is what kills them. It’s used in many products including food so it is safe
    so long as it is food grade.

    Food Grade DE is safe for human consumption and contains about 85% silica
    dioxide. It also contains trace elements such as Magnesium, boron and other
    things your body may be low in. Silica Dioxide is mainly what your hair is
    made of. DE will also grow your nails and help your complexion as your skin
    needs silica. I stopped biting my nails after I started consuming DE myself
    and have noticed other positive side effects. You are likely low on silica
    in your body and that may be contributing to, if not causing, your thinning
    hair. By the way, most supplements one can buy in the stores has no silica
    in them. The FDA in the USA doesn’t give a daily recommended allowance. But
    this is very important for your body. Some might say this could be a
    conspiracy theory to keep silica low in people’s bodies. Regardless, good
    luck with trying to treat yourself. The medical establishment isn’t going
    to help you “much” so it’s going to come down to you figuring out what you

  5. Hey what do u take to control nocturnal emissions? I have it around 3 in a
    week. Thanks bro

  6. How many milligrams per day are recommended Saw Palmetto capsules.? I
    suffer from BPH am 65 years old

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