23 thoughts on “Is Saw Palmetto Dangerous?

  1. Hey adkpinecone, Thanks for being brave enough to expose your experience on
    saw palmetto. I’ve heard it said like this, “What many call alternative
    medicine is actually our original medicine. Really…natural treatments
    have been the mainstay of medicine since the beginning of time.” aand “If
    herbs and botanicals work impressively well, why do drug companies create
    synthetic versions of them and then inject other chemicals in the process,
    and converting them into OTC or prescription drugs?”

  2. Hey how many and what supplements do you use and have used consistently to
    support slowing down hair loss, and what supplements do you take for
    general health?

  3. I love your vids, I live in London, an afro Caribbean female who suffers
    from alopecia. You are very helpful and informative. I am attracted to you
    and your personality. Love you and your vids. Mary.x

  4. Hey, Thank you very much for your support and loving support. I am happy
    that I give my time to serve and help. Perhaps we could get to know each
    other more some how. Always a good thing to make new friends. Thanks again.

  5. Hi, received your message. Thanks, yes we could b friends of course. l like
    to chat. lol. Maryx

  6. Hey i have been watching all of your videos and I decided to start using
    Saw Palmetto but after watching so many videos on the side effects.. I am
    really scared now. I watched this full video and I guess it depends on
    person to person. The thing is that I have only been using saw palmetto for
    9 days now and I want to stop. Do you think it is okay for me to stop at
    this stage? The online side effect I am having is that I cant look at
    bright light and that is mainly all. Is it too ate for me ??

  7. All I will say is do what you must. I can’t tell you what to do. You have
    to make the best decision for yourself. If you believe saw palmetto is
    giving you side effects then stop taking it and see if your problem gets
    better. If it doesn’t then it more than likely is not saw palmetto that is
    causing your problem.

  8. since you’ve taken saw palmetto, how effective has it been with your hair
    loss? your hair doesn’t look too good in this video…..

    1. +Aashish Jayant Some people (mainly due to your genetic inheritance) are
      sensitive to DHT in their hair follicles on their scalp.

  9. You are a great help to those of us researching supplements. Just want to
    say THANK YOU for all your time and effort, and God bless you always in
    Christ Jesus.´╗┐

  10. What happens when you stop taking saw palmetto? Do you suddenly lose more
    hair than it would be in a regular way?´╗┐

    1. +Andrius Smirnovas If saw palmetto is slowing down your hair loss and you
      stop taking it then your hair loss more than likely will return. I have not
      heard of someone losing more than than it would be in a regular way so I
      would have to say no, but I am not an expert on this. I would just tell you
      that if the herb is helping you then take it. If it is not then stop taking
      it and try other things.

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